Boycott Mercedes-Benz Over A Superbowl Commercial That Shows Freemasonry In A Positive Light? Really?

The Devil Wears MasonicDuring the Superbowl today there’s supposedly going to be a Mercede-Benz commercial where the company debuts their new (and completely awesome) CLA class. You can see the extended cut of the commercial HERE.

Willem Dafoe’s character in the commercial plays what can only be construed as the Devil, who offers the protagonist a contract for the CLA “and everything that goes along with it” for an undisclosed cost.

Some members of the fraternity take exception to the Entered Apprentice ring that Dafoe’s character is wearing, saying that it ‘libels’ the fraternity and “links Freemasonry to Satan.”

They’ve even gone so far as to start petitions on borderline political petition sites in order to get Mercedes to remove the ring reference from the commercial.

Are you kidding me?

I believe that it’s far more dangerous to the fraternity to link Freemasonry to any kind of political website than it is to see a ring in a Superbowl ad, and I firmly believe that the members of the fraternity are doing the whole of the fraternity and incredible disservice by their actions – and, clearly, they don’t understand the ACTUAL powers of Satan.

The members who are damaging the fraternity by protesting – too much – about something they don’t understand should stop. Immediately. And they should probably go back and re-read their Bible. There is, after all, one in every Lodge room.

Every person who believes in a Christianity-base Supreme Being knows that the devil is a trickster; he will present you with what YOU believe is good in an attempt to sway you from your belief and the light of God. He will offer you riches beyond the dreams of avarice, power beyond that of mortal man and he will do it all from a position of what YOU believe to be a safety and security that you can unfailingly trust in. The Devil will present a facade of good to turn you.  What part of that do some not understand?

Getting back to that commercial, what is the antagonist offering? A sweet ride, fame, and fortune. And he’s doing it disguised as a good guy doing the protagonist a solid favor. A disguise that INCLUDES Freemasonry as part of it. This isn’t a commercial depicting Freemasonry as some kind of satanic group or linking the fraternity to satanism, it’s showing that even the Devil recognizes that the fraternity is good, and that people in general recognize the man who wears the Square and Compasses as the emblem of a Freemason is someone they can trust.

Boycott Mercedes Benz because they portrayed Freemasonry in a positive light? That’s idiotic. That commercial is an opportunity to open the lines of communication about the fraternity, and get more good men talking.

Let’s keep Freemasonry out of politics; stay away from the petitions. And – if you have a chance – drop a line to the advertiser and Mercedes Benz thanking them for getting good men talking about the POSITIVE aspects of the world’s oldest social fraternity and largest philanthropy, not the imagined wrongs perpetuated by those who don’t read their Good Book or know their enemy.

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