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Brother George Washington’s Mount Vernon Home ‘New Room’ Restoration

MountVernonNewRoomHoai-Tran Bui has posted an article on NBC Washington’s website about theĀ unveiling of the restoration of Brother George Washington’s ‘New Room’ at Mount Vernon.

From the article:

Historians had long called the biggest room in George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate “the Large Dining Room.” Where else would the first president hold his meals except in the most auspicious room?

It turns out they were wrong.

Mount Vernon historians discovered last year that the room George and Martha Washington referred to as the “new room” was actually a multi-purpose salon (or sitting room) created to entertain guests. Armed with this new information, curators took the no-longer-a-dining-room through one of Mount Vernon’s largest restoration projects.

Mount Vernon unveiled the “New Room” Friday after a massive restoration project that lasted more than a year, according to the estate.

The room will be open to the public starting Saturday.

The New Room had been closed off for the $600,000 restoration project in January 2013. During the project, crews replaced the paint with historically accurate colors and designs, as well as cleaned and repaired the architectural ornaments and replaced the wallpaper.

You can read the whole article HERE.

You can find out more about George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate and the restoration at the official website HERE.

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