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Dec 22, 2011 - Book Reviews, Masonic Education    Comments Off on Book Review: Freemasons for Dummies

Book Review: Freemasons for Dummies

Freemasons for Dummies
by Christopher L. Hodapp

Whether you’re just curious about the fraternity, a new Mason or a Past Master, one of the best books about Freemasonry is Freemasons for Dummies by Chris Hodapp.

First published in 2005 (and now available as an eBook through Amazon and Barnes & Noble), Freemasons for Dummies explains the fraternity in detail in a manner that is not only entertaining, but also easy to understand.  This well-written book breaks down a somewhat complicated and certainly convoluted history of Freemasonry, and lays everything out in a simple, logical format.  The writing is both charming and eloquent. The author, Chris Hodapp, displays a deep knowledge of the subject matter and a reverence for the fraternity that can only come from someone with a long history in the Craft. Read more »