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Addressing Random Statements: Lurianic Kabbalah

tree_of_lifeRandom Statement:

“Unfortunately, after lengthy study I can conclude that we are not the same, if we apply Lurianic Kabbalistic teachings about reincarnation and reintegration(Shaar HaGilgulim).”


First we need to understand the origin of evil, but in a reasonable way. In Freemasonry predominates Lurianic Kabbalistic and Christian-Gnostic theosophical teachings about it. 
In the beginning in Eden people has everything, but Adam gambled between 
two choices with a chance of 50%: 50%. Eve were punished more than Adam because she lied. 
Then people were expelled from Eden ;It was the first man’s fall. Second man’s fall occurred before the flood.
The third man’s fall has occurred during construction Babylon tower, which was supposed to symbolize man’s ambitions and abilities. 
Then our ancestors Master Masons built a tower badly using bitumen instead of mortar, and the tower crushed at the ground and this angered Almighty .This was the third man’s fall which is resulting in confusion of tongues, and dispersion of mankind. 
What is the ultimate goal of Freemasonry so called Grand Work? 
Happiness of the human race and the return of mankind in the state before the first fall.
Today almost the whole world spoke one language (English), which is a good start for reintegration, and now again we can do everything what we want but gradually .”


While there are many who understand what Freemasonry is, there are a few who don’t understand the fraternity, and insist on applying completely incompatible concepts to it.

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Does Freemasonry teach a Luciferian Doctrine?

yahooanswersPossibly one of stupidest questions ever asked.  But wait!  There’s more.  The person who asked this question expanded greatly on it, and proudly displayed their ignorance of the fraternity for all to see (starting off with references to YouTube, no less!):

There’s many videos on Youtube and sites on the net that claim Freemasonry is involved with atrocious activities. I have heard accusations including everything from them being Satanists, Luciferians, drink goat’s blood, gangstalk victims, and are drug dealers. Most sources state that low level Freemasons are lead to believe that Freemasonry is actually about charity, and attaining higher morals of conduct towards humanity/society. Once higher levels are attained the initiate will be let in on other dealings, such as involvement with the “New World Order,” and “Luciferian Doctrines.”

You can search all day and night for a straight answer on this, but it seems the views conflict over and over again. Most Freemasons will claim they are all about charity work, and even say, “We take good men and make them even better,” or some other prepared rhetoric. Another line used, when questioned about the strict secrecy is, “We aren’t a secret society, but a society with secrets.” Which, is pretty much the same thing.

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Response to “A question to catholics?”


Catholicism is pagan sun worship. first off they created that white image of “jesus” .theres many images of this “jesus” with a sun drawn behind his head mostly in catholic churches. catholics worship statues.first of how did they know jesus was white wheb first of all his scriptures take place in a land where everybody was dark skinned?.and how did they have an image of em when they didnt even know specificly how he looked like but he definitley was not white with blue eyes. look at The Ressurection statue in the vatican on google,that is one of the most demonic looking statues ive ever seen in my life along with the madusa vase the vatican has.they defend pedophiles ,yes i know theres pedophiles everywhere but most of the cases are high end priests who are sick and disgusting and why are alot of people in the vatican freemasons? what secret are they hiding .get away from that satanic cult. peace be with you


As a Catholic Freemason, the first thing I’ve got to ask is: What’s your question, exactly?

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Boycott Mercedes-Benz Over A Superbowl Commercial That Shows Freemasonry In A Positive Light? Really?

The Devil Wears MasonicDuring the Superbowl today there’s supposedly going to be a Mercede-Benz commercial where the company debuts their new (and completely awesome) CLA class. You can see the extended cut of the commercial HERE.

Willem Dafoe’s character in the commercial plays what can only be construed as the Devil, who offers the protagonist a contract for the CLA “and everything that goes along with it” for an undisclosed cost.

Some members of the fraternity take exception to the Entered Apprentice ring that Dafoe’s character is wearing, saying that it ‘libels’ the fraternity and “links Freemasonry to Satan.” Read more »