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Jan 2, 2014 - Masonry in the News    No Comments

Masonic Lodge changes with the times

millersville126John Russell for the Indianapolis Star writes about the sometimes controversial topic of a Masonic Lodge changing with the times:

The postcards go out every winter to thousands of households across the Northeastside, with language that could come straight out of “Mad Men” or maybe a Shakespearean play.

“You and your lady are cordially invited to an open house and lunch.”

It’s from the Millersville Lodge, the men’s-only organization housed in a massive brick and stone building at the corner of Kessler Boulevard East Drive and Fall Creek Road. Read more »

Dec 10, 2013 - Masonry in the News    No Comments

GW Freemasons open their doors, forge ties with Gelman Library

HouseOfTheTempleThis post was written by Hatchet reporter Morgan Baskin

Freemasons have been dissected and analyzed in Dan Brown novels and Nicholas Cage movies as enigmatic, with puppet strings in everything from banks to income taxes.

But Nicholas Sampogna, a 2010 GW alumnus and Mason, wants to dispel the stereotype that Freemasons are secretive and all-powerful.

“It’s just not true,” Sampogna said. “People hear about conspiracy theories regarding the Masons and their connections to the government and they assume we secretly run everything. In reality, the last U.S. president to be a Mason was Gerald Ford.”

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Dec 7, 2013 - Masonry in the News    No Comments

Coming up on CBS Sunday, December 8: Mo Rocca on Freemasonry

moroccafreemasonryMo Rocca parts the veil of secrecy on the fraternal order to learn about the history and rituals of the Freemasons.

Barring any major news (Mandela’s passing may change the show), Mo Rocca’s piece on Freemasonry will be aired this Sunday on CBS Sunday Morning.

The piece was put together between January and April of this year, and showcases members of the Grand Lodge of New York as well as the House of the Temple.

Check your local station and times!

History Hidden in Plain Sight: Freemasons on United States Coins

WashingtonFreemasonCharles Morgan and Hubert Walker recently posted an article about Masonic coins and history on CoinWeek:

According to some, the secretive fraternity of the Freemasons is elitist and anti-democratic. Still others have questioned the organization’s spiritual views

For those initiated into the fraternity, Masonry is said to offer a path to self-improvement and lifelong friendships.

Historically, public suspicion of the group has its peaks and valleys. Thanks to a certain strain in American cultural life, fueled by the internet but with roots much older, we seem to be climbing towards another peak.

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