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Question: How should I wear my masonic ring: facing up or down?

masonicringAnswer: However you want.

Some believe the Compass points should always be pointed towards you to constantly remind you of your obligation.  I disagree with this on a number of points, first: every Mason knows where he was first made a Mason.  Next, every Mason already has something that he is given to constantly remind him of stuff.

The ring should be worn as the apron is; as an outward sign to others that you’re a Mason.  If you wear your apron backwards, then – by all means – wear your ring upside down with the Compass points towards you.  If not … well, the Compass points away – so that others may see that you’re a Freemason and that you’re proud of your fraternity.

Dec 25, 2014 - Questions and Answers    No Comments

Masonic Q&A: Why does the music industry use Masonic symbols?


I know that goal of Freemasonry is to make world a little bit better and that their main values are liberty, equality and fraternity. But why does the music industry use their symbols accompanied by naked girls and slogans like “let’s die young”? I’d like to ask real freemasons.


The goal of Freemasonry is to make good men better men.

The core values of Freemasonry are four of the cardinal virtues: prudence (to help each man to make good decisions), temperance (to help a man practice self restraint), fortitude (to give a man confidence through tough times) and justice (every man needs a moral compass).

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