Confronting non-Freemasons about regalia

Question: As a Freemason, what do I say to non-Freemasons who are wearing a masonic ring? 

Answer: As a Freemason, what business is it of yours what other people wear?

Rings don’t make a man a Freemason, neither do shirts, stickers, or – in many cases – dues cards.

Freemasonry is about making good men better men.

If you believe you need to try everyone wearing the square and compasses then you’ve failed at the very first tenet of the fraternity; you didn’t learn to circumscribe your desires and you certainly didn’t manage to keep your passion within due bounds.

If you believe you need to steal from others – and keep your stolen items in a ziplock bag as some kind of trophy – then you’re a thief. If you took the item by force, then you’re a thug. You have no morality and you are no Freemason. You should be expelled for a transgression like that.

Freemasonry is the pursuit of gentlemen, not thieves, bullies, liars, and thugs. Criminals have no place in the fraternity. Not now, not ever.

What do you say to someone you believe is a non-Freemason wearing a Masonic ring? The same thing you’d say to someone you’ve never met before if you feel the need to start a conversation.

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