Is the Assassins creed real? I have found this Document but could this or is this true?

Assassins CreedAdditional Argument:

“The organization that would later be known as the Templar Order was likely founded by Cain, whose ‘mark’ was used as the Templars’ crest. They quickly became the archenemies of the Assassins, who, as opposed to the Templars, fought to allow the people to retain free will.[5]

The Templar Order, also known as the Order of the Knights Templar, were a monastic military order-turned-corporate giant, which was formed during the prehistoric era. The Templars sought to create a perfect world, although the means by which they aimed to do so – through force, control and the destruction of free will – directly contrasted the ideals of their sworn enemies, the Assassin Order.”


Assassin’s Creed is a real game. that’s as ‘real’ as it gets; everything in the game is fictional.

The Knights Templar (not the ‘Templar Order’) were founded in 1119AD, which was a very, very, very, very long time after Cain died.

The ‘mark’ of Cain has nothing to do with the Knights Templar, who don’t have a crest. They have the Beauceant, a red cross on their mantle, and various Grand Masters through the ages have had seals that usually show two knights riding on one horse, or one knight mounted on a horse with a sword and shield.

The Knights Templar have never ever been the ‘archenemies’ of the Assassins. In fact, the two groups never met. The Knights Hospitaler did kill off a small band of Assassin negotiators from Syria who were looking to live on Christian lands and convert to Christianity in order to avoid paying taxes.

The assassins never ‘fought to allow the people to retain free will.’ The assassins – the correct term being “Hashashin” were founded by Hassan-i Sabbah for “political and personal gain and to also exact vengeance on his enemies.” In fact the term “hashashin” was a derisive one applied to a small group of Nizari Ismailis who were said to ingest large amounts of hash before going on drug-addled killing sprees.

The Knights Templar, on the other hand, didn’t do any of that. Nor did they fight “to allow the people to retain free will.” The Knights Templar were formed to protect pilgrims who traveled the road between the seaport town of Jappa to the city of Jerusalem -a 50 mile stretch of road infested with bad guys.

So much for your romantic notions about ‘free will.’

The Knights Templar were not ever a corporate giant. Nor did they exist in the prehistoric era. In fact NO ‘corporate giant’ existed in the prehistoric era. Corporations didn’t exist until laws existed that allows for the creation of corporations – which means that no corporation existed until the formation of medeval guilds – like, for example, the Freemasons.

The Templars never sought to create a perfect world. Their sole purpose was to protect pilgrims and the Holy Land. They, obviously, could have done a better job of it. They created a banking system, developed safe trade routes, and worked with people to create a safe environment for travelers. That’s not ‘a perfect world,’ that’s ‘American Express.’ Or, pretty much, any Swiss bank.

The Knights Templar never had any ‘sworn enemies.’ In fact, they worked WITH Muslims and Christians alike to forge alliances and create that one thing that is missing from most religions: tolerance.

The Hashashin, on the other hand, were all about chaos, payback, and hate. That doesn’t mean they were bad people, it just means that you’re REALLY misinformed about the group.


  • The Knights Templar ARE the Assassins. The Sicarii or the Daggermen are the Hashashin you know the Daggermen. Your Da Vinci Code while ostensibly wrong is right. There is a bloodline. It is revered by the Shia. Hugh De Payens was of the bloodline of the Prophet. You Templars are Muslim. Just crack open an Oxford dictionary and read what Baphomet means. Perhaps it is is the head of Hussain?

  • Nnnnnnope. You’re completely wrong on every level. But, to encourage you to learn, I’ll go through your silliness point by point:

    You: The Knights Templar ARE the Assassins.

    Correction: Nope. The Knights Templar are an order of knighthood formed in 1119AD in Jerusalem.

    You: The Sicarii or the Daggermen are the Hashashin you know the Daggermen.

    Correction: Nope. The Sicarii were an extremist group who existed during the time of the Jewish historian Josephus. They were dispersed after the mass suicide at Masada in 73AD. In case you’re not only historically impaired but also arithmetically challenged, here’s where you fail:

    – The Sicarii were dispersed 1046 years before the Knights Templar were founded.

    – The Hashashin were formed by Hassan-i Sabbah in 1080AD. That’s a full 1007 years after the Sicarii were dispersed.

    – What does that mean? It means that neither group can in any way be connected with the zealots from the first century A.D. Duh.

    You: Your Da Vinci Code while ostensibly wrong is right.

    Correction: It’s not my ‘Da Vinci Code.’ It’s Dan Brown’s. And Dan Brown is a writer of fiction. The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction. Duh.

    You: There is a bloodline. It is revered by the Shia.

    Correction: Nope.

    You: Hugh De Payens was of the bloodline of the Prophet.

    Correction: Nope. Hugues de Payens was French; he was born in eastern France, in the village of Payns, near Troyes, in Champagne. He was born and baptised Catholic, and his religion through his entire lifetime was Catholic.

    You: You Templars are Muslim.

    Correction: Nope. The Knights Templar began as a western Christian military order – endorsed by the Catholic Church – who, throughout their entire military activity, bore allegiance to the Pope and the Church. All members were Christian.

    The current Knights Templar organization continues to protect the Christian faith. The requirement to be Christian has been dropped, and men of all faiths are encouraged to join. The Knights Templar are now – as they have always been – a Christian order.

    You: Just crack open an Oxford dictionary and read what Baphomet means. Perhaps it is is the head of Hussain?

    Correction: While your fanciful bit of craziness is interesting, it has nothing to do with the Knights Templar. It doesn’t appear in the Templar Rule or any Templar documents at all. Period.

    But – to make you feel better – the conspiracy theory about Baphomet that you’re channeling does indeed exist; it is fiction created by Eliphas Lévi in 1856 when he drew a picture of a “sabbatic goat.” It’s fiction. Duh.

  • Im an assassin and you all wrong this is not a question you should be asking about knights templates and assassins let me give you all one thing to remember believe me our not I don’t care if you people don’t believe me but know us assassins are called freemasons knights template are called illuminate’s their you have two society’s fighting to make this world a hell and and a heavenly place on earth for the time being till the 2nd coming….ny bsmes is Gabriel change Nike Nicholas hollins and I am an assassins are after my ancestor before me of Indian tribe…..

    • English, clearly, isn’t your forte. Neither is history.

      Assassins Creed is a video game. Duh.

    • U are either lying about being an assassin or your just plain insane to believe u are one the assassins order was destroyed by the Mongols in the mid 1200s and the templars suffered the same fate

  • The Knights Templar did not ever try to bring peace between Muslims and Christians. They were one of the most brutal sects in crusader times believing all Muslims to essentially be evil and the enemy (in a similar way to how Al Qaeda view the west now) however they were not actively at war with the nizari and neither was fighting for world dominance. Oh and the Knights Templar were most definitely a Christian knightly order.

    • Completely incorrect. The Knights Templar were not a sect, nor were they the “most brutal.” The Knights Templar did not believe Muslims to be “essentially evil” at all. In fact, they worked WITH many Muslim groups. That’s one of the issues they went on trial for.

  • What if somehow someone from the Knights Templar or the Hashashin escaped or somehow got away from when they were so called both ‘destroyed’. What if someone who believed in what either of the groups followed, started another group or at least kept the beliefs in there family’s over time? is that a possibility?

    • What do you mean, “what if”? There’s more than enough historical documentation that many members of the Knights Templar were never arrested, imprisoned, or even questioned both inside and outside of France after October 13, 1307. It’s just as likely that members of the Hashashin escaped the Mongols, purges in Syria and Hungary, and various other attempts to destroy them. The desert is a wide place. Peoples can disappear there.

      But – to correct a misconception – there were no Templar or Hashashin “families” or bloodlines. So there’s no possibility of your ‘what if’ actually being possible.

      The Knights Templar continued to exist, and several modern groups can trace their history back far enough that linking them to the original Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon is reasonable. The Hashashin do not share that same type of provenance.

      • Ok, interesting. I was pretty sure there was modern groups such as you explained but wasn’t sure if it was just me who thought this.

  • Look up the Ismailis, in the game their main headquarters is the same castle used by the Ismailis and their enemy was the Crusaders who the Templars resemble, you’ll see a lot of resemblance between the game and this group of assassins.

    • Why look up the Ismailis?

      Assassin’s Creed is very specific about which sect the Assassins represent. They’re also very specific about who the opponent is. There isn’t any resemblance between the groups you mention, Russell. And the timeline doesn’t fit, either.