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The Masonic Roundtable podcast

themasonicroundtableThe Masonic Roundtable is a weekly panel of Masons started in February, 2014.  They come from around the United States and discuss the latest and greatest in Masonic news, events, scholarship, and happenings.

The group is made up of:

  • Bro. Jon T. Ruark, Past Master of The Patriot Lodge No. 1957 in Fairfax, VA.
  • Bro. Jason Richards, an officer in Acacia Lodge No. 16 in Clifton, VA.
  • Bro. Juan Sepulveda, member of Eola Lodge No. 207 F. & A.M. in Orlando, FL.
  • Bro. Nick Johnson, Past Master of Corinthian Lodge No. 67 in Farmington, MN.
  • Bro. Robert Johnson, an officer in Waukegan Lodge #78.

The Masonic Roundtable gets together every Tuesday evening around 10:00 PM EDT to discuss topics related to Freemasonry. The video recording session is broadcasted LIVE on YouTube and a subsequent audio podcast is released shortly thereafter. You can find the Audio version on iTunes or you can learn how to join the conversation LIVE during the broadcast by visiting their website.

You can find out more about the Masonic Roundtable at their website HERE.

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