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So Mote It Be

smibinigoAs an author, I tend to be more aware of incorrect or questionable uses of words. It doesn’t mean I write – in any way – grammatically well or spell any better than anyone else, it just means people pay me to write words, and I happen to notice when they seem … “out of place” – for lack of a better definition.

As a Mason, I am occasionally part of discussions or scroll through conversations that are Masonically oriented.

Over the years I’ve noticed the acronym ‘SMIB’ (“so mote it be”) is, more often than not, used in ways that just seem unusual. While it’s been part of Masonry since forever – appearing in one of the earliest works, the Regius Poem – it seems that Freemasons don’t always know how to use the phrase.

I’ve seen sentences like “Happy New Year, SMIB!” or “Happy Birthday, SMIB.” or “I’m a Freemason like you guys, SMIB!” or “I had me a cheeseburger and fries, SMIB!” or “Nice shirt, SMIB!” or “I ate some nasty chili and just dropped a horrific deuce, SMIB!”

Now I’m not a grammar nazi or a member of the Masonic Sentence Police, but it seems to me that proper use of ‘SMIB’ is when you’re closing a written conversation, and using it in reverence – as if you’re ending a prayer.

But, y’know … that’s just me.

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