Masonic Exhibit – Into the Light: the Story of Freemasonry

An exhibit at the Carlisle Museum’s Tullie House sheds some light on Freemasonry.

From The Guardian:

The origins of freemasonry are obscure. Although a 1730 book traced the organisation back to ancient Egypt, it is now thought most likely that it derives from 17th century guilds of master masons, which later became open to all professions.

The symbolism of the stonemason is still widespread in freemasonry, with set square and compasses frequently appearing on aprons and other ornaments, often with the addition of an “all-seeing” eye.

There are some 250,000 members of lodges affiliated to the United Grand Lodge of England. In Carlisle alone there are 14 lodges, typically with around 50 members.

The exhibit runs through July 7.

You can read the whole article HERE.

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Freemasonry EXPOSED!

leukaemialymphomaresearchThe secret is out, and it was even penned by one of our own: Priory Gate Masonic Lodge.

From the article:

“In the wider world and popular press, Freemasonry has a reputation of being a secret society. Actually it’s not.

Secret societies don’t tend to throw black tie dinners and invite as many of their friends and families as they can find…nor do they tend to let out their Head Office as a film set. Those of you familiar with the BBC’s Spooks, might not know that the imposing front door of ‘Thames House’ is actually Freemasons Hall in Gt. Queen Street – a few hundred yards from the Eagle Street offices of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

However, the one thing that Freemasons do seem very good at keeping secret is the fact that the organisation is one of the UK largest single contributors to charity, second only to the National Lottery.”

You can read the whole article HERE.

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Dead Man’s ‘Masonic’ Tattoo … Isn’t

dead man's tattooThe Daily Mail is reporting that New York Police are hoping to identify the body of a man found in the Harlem River in the Bronx by “his huge Masonic ‘All Seeing Eye’ tattoo.”

While the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ is certainly an interesting choice for a tattoo, it’s not particularly Masonic.  And there’s no Harlem River, either.

Maybe it’s a conspiracy.  Maybe the body was really found in the Hudson River, and maybe it’s got an Eye of Providence tat that isn’t related to Freemasonry in any way.

I’m just sayin’…

You can read the original article HERE.