Book Review: Freemasons for Dummies

Freemasons for Dummies
by Christopher L. Hodapp

Whether you’re just curious about the fraternity, a new Mason or a Past Master, one of the best books about Freemasonry is Freemasons for Dummies by Chris Hodapp.

First published in 2005 (and now available as an eBook through Amazon and Barnes & Noble), Freemasons for Dummies explains the fraternity in detail in a manner that is not only entertaining, but also easy to understand.  This well-written book breaks down a somewhat complicated and certainly convoluted history of Freemasonry, and lays everything out in a simple, logical format.  The writing is both charming and eloquent. The author, Chris Hodapp, displays a deep knowledge of the subject matter and a reverence for the fraternity that can only come from someone with a long history in the Craft. Read more »

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Where’s Freemasonry?

This is a reasonably current list of all of the Grand Lodges in the United States.  A Grand Lodge is the governing body that oversees all the individual Lodges in their jurisdiction. In the United States, every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico all have Grand Lodges, and their jurisdictions are their states.  No effort has been made to verify recognition between the Grand Lodges.

By visiting these sites you can find out more about the requirements for membership, more about Freemasonry in that particular jurisdiction, and even the location of Lodges near you. Read more »

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Thanksgiving Proclamation

In October of 1789 the United States had only emerged from the Revolutionary War by a scant few years. We had newly elected our first President, George Washington (raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in the Lodge at Fredericksburg on August 4th, 1753), and the Congress was busy delivering the fresh-off-the-presses Bill of Rights that had been adopted as the first ten amendments to the new Constitution to the state capitols of the new United States. The Judiciary act of 1789 formed the entire federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court.

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Latest Freemason Conspiracy: Recruiting Younger Bros

In October of 2011, the Wall Street Journal published an article by Barry Newman about Freemasonry.  It read, in part:

ST. PAUL, Minn.—No self-respecting secret society can get by without a Facebook fan page anymore.

That’s transparently true of the Freemasons, renowned for their medieval blood oaths, their often-alleged plot to create a New World Order, their locked-door conclaves of U.S. presidents and power brokers and their boring pancake breakfasts.

A menagerie of 19th-century civic and social brotherhoods, and their attendant sisterhoods, lives on around the globe: the Elks, the Moose, the Lions, the Odd Fellows. Freemasonry is the oldest of all, still the biggest, and—in the public mind—about as penetrable as the mythic crypt beneath the ninth vault of Solomon’s Temple.

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