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Addressing Random Statements: The Square and the Compasses


One of my brothers said that the “square” reminds the masons to always treat the people in the square fairly. That popped up the following questions in my mind, if you could please answer:
1) Who are the people in the square?
A_ the holy
B_ the profane
C_ the unholy God believers
D_ the profane and the unholy God believers
E_ all of the above
F_ other (please specify)
2) “Square” means “boundary” to me. So do you have to treat the people of (1) within the boundaries of A_law or B_Morality or C_other (please specify)?
Also, could you please explain if I am right to think the “compass” means to direct the FORCE of people to the RIGHT direction? If so, could you please explain the FORCE as well? Read more »

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St. Louis Masonic Temple to go on the market

stlouismasonictempleSay, Brother, could you spare $6,000,000?

From the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

For sale: Massive, 185-foot-tall limestone and granite landmark that opened in 1926. Bronze front doors. Marble lobby. Unfinished 2,200-seat theater. Lightly used. Price: $6 million or best offer.

Such could be a classified ad for the Masonic Temple at 3681 Lindell Boulevard. Masons, who meet at the huge edifice only about 10 times per month, plan to move to a smaller building.

Officially, the temple hits the market Monday.

Eames and Young, a famed St. Louis firm, designed the temple with architect Albert Groves. The building’s exterior is Greek Ionic style. The structure’s architectural setbacks symbolize Masonry’s three basic steps: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason. Read more »

Addressing Random Statements: Lurianic Kabbalah

tree_of_lifeRandom Statement:

“Unfortunately, after lengthy study I can conclude that we are not the same, if we apply Lurianic Kabbalistic teachings about reincarnation and reintegration(Shaar HaGilgulim).”


First we need to understand the origin of evil, but in a reasonable way. In Freemasonry predominates Lurianic Kabbalistic and Christian-Gnostic theosophical teachings about it. 
In the beginning in Eden people has everything, but Adam gambled between 
two choices with a chance of 50%: 50%. Eve were punished more than Adam because she lied. 
Then people were expelled from Eden ;It was the first man’s fall. Second man’s fall occurred before the flood.
The third man’s fall has occurred during construction Babylon tower, which was supposed to symbolize man’s ambitions and abilities. 
Then our ancestors Master Masons built a tower badly using bitumen instead of mortar, and the tower crushed at the ground and this angered Almighty .This was the third man’s fall which is resulting in confusion of tongues, and dispersion of mankind. 
What is the ultimate goal of Freemasonry so called Grand Work? 
Happiness of the human race and the return of mankind in the state before the first fall.
Today almost the whole world spoke one language (English), which is a good start for reintegration, and now again we can do everything what we want but gradually .”


While there are many who understand what Freemasonry is, there are a few who don’t understand the fraternity, and insist on applying completely incompatible concepts to it.

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Masonic Retention – How to greet guests and turn them into members of the Fraternity

EmptyLodgeRoomYour Lodge has held Masonic Information Night. A few guests showed up, but they never return. They didn’t even fill out an information card so you could contact them later. As soon as the meeting was over, they shot out the door, never to be seen again.

Why is that?

Did you bother to do your homework, or do you just assume that declines in membership are normal and expected. Was your Masonic Information Night just so you could check off a box on your Masonic Year?

Here are the reasons why your membership declines, and why guests do not return: Read more »

Oakland Scottish Rite turns back the clock

"SCOTTISH RITE CENTER"Samantha Clark from the Oakland Tribune is reporting in the Contra Costa Times that Oakland’s historic Scottish Rite Center is undergoing an extensive renovation.  From the article:

The Scottish Rite Center that overlooks Lake Merritt is undergoing a $1.2 million renovation to return the lodge to its original glory.

For 60 days, the building will close so workers can replace the roof, install LED lighting and sound systems and make the building handicap accessible. The grand dome theater will get a fresh coat of paint and 24-karat leafing on its details.

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