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Question: Why do people hate the Illuminati and the Freemasons and other brotherhoods and sisterhoods?

Additional Argument:

I mean, Christianity is the ONE TRUE EVIL, so why do people love it and hate the real stuff?  (Don’t get me wrong, I read the Bible, but it’s the Christianity religion that’s corrupt and stuff)


“People” don’t hate the Illuminati or the Freemasons – or other fraternities or sororities, for that matter. Those that hate are either one of two things jealous or ignorant. Sometimes they’re both, but most of the time they’re just ignorant.

It’s kinda silly to ‘hate’ the Illuminati.  They don’t exist.  They did exist, but that was only from 1176-1785, and in Bavaria.  And they were a political group that opposed hierarchical monarchies (which, coincidentally enough, is what the Bavarian government of the time was).  They had nothing at all to do with religion or any of the other nonsense attributed to them by time and ignorance.

It’s also kinda silly to ‘hate’ Freemasonry, since it’s just a social fraternity that does good throughout the world.  Hating a group that donates to charities, builds hospitals, helps children to see, hear, and learn to speak seems counterintuitive.  Hating those that make others lives better is idiotic.  You don’t make the world better through hate.  Duh.

Christianity isn’t the ‘ONE TRUE EVIL’ by any stretch. It’s just a religion. A religion based on the teachings of a guy who got stapled to a tree for saying that we should love one another and be tolerant of those that are different from us. The religion itself isn’t corrupt; man is corrupt.

You, for example, are a great example of ignorance and corruption; you claim to read the Bible, but are filled with hate and are intolerant of others. You must be reading the Holy Bible for the pictures, because you sure ain’t reading it for the message.

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  • You know, it would definitely be a great idea to post a video on YouTube- just to counteract the alarming number of zealots, fanatics and hypocrites who are flooding the site with some of the most ridiculous accusations I have ever seen.

    I mean, seriously unhinged, ignorant and mislead people posting videos with titles such as “Why is the Illuminati forcing well-known male celebrities to wear dresses?”, “Robin Williams, Paul Walker or Jim CAREY’s girlfriend were Illuminati sacrifices to the devil in exchange for fame.” and, this is my personal favorite- laughed so hard that I woke up with sore abs the next morning- “Beyonce confirmed that she was possessed during the Super Bowl halftime show, and performed Satanic rituals disguised as music.” OK, that was actually two different videos I lumped together so the title is my creation. Lol. The “proof” they claim to have is an excerpt from an interview with Beyonce, they don’t mention when, where she explained how she projected such a different persona while performing. She laughed and said she calls that side of her Sasha Fierce. Apparently, this is ample proof of demonic possession.

    So, yeah- YouTube is in dire need of a reality + fact check. Oh, Spongebob, The Lion King and KFC are also under the Illuminati control…..