A really idiotic petition to the White House

whitehouseThere are currently some really odd petitions that go before the White House on their petitions page.  The only thing that has held true since this petition system was created is that nothing ever happens, no matter how many “people” sign the online petition, unless it’s politically expedient to make a speech about it.

Then a speech is made, and the petition is quickly forgotten.

There’s a new one that just popped up on July 5th regarding Freemasonry:

Prevention of fraud being committed by organizations falsely presenting themselves as the Fraternity of Freemasons.

Grand Lodges of Freemasons began in 1717, in London, England. All Grand Lodges in the world must have a direct lineage to this Grand Lodge to be Masonically legal. This process in proving legitimate origins has been upheld in the case of Supreme Grand Lodge Modern Free Accepted Masons of the World vs. Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia Docket no. 14374, United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit. Other courts have established this precedent as well. There are only 94 legal Grand Lodges in the United States, the Prince Hall Grand Lodges, and the State Grand Lodges, all having legitimate origins from the Grand Lodge of England, but more than 450 fraudulent Grand Lodges exist, unregulated, committing extreme hazing and fraud on unsuspecting men. Stop the fraud.

Whoever put this particular petition up really doesn’t seem to know very much about Freemasonry.

While it’s true that the Grand Lodge of England started in 1717 at the Goose and Gridiron, it’s absolutely untrue that ‘all grand lodges in the world must have a direct lineage to it.’  The Grand Lodge of Scotland doesn’t.  The Grand Lodge of Ireland doesn’t.  It’s not about lineage, it’s about recognition.  Duh.

And there’s no such thing as “Masonically legal” about it.  Whatever that particular phrase means.

And, more importantly, there’s absolutely no reason for the petition; Freemasonry is a private social fraternity, not a public business that requires government to intervene on it’s behalf.

As every Freemason knows, it’s easy for Lodges to know which are recognized and which are clandestine.



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