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Dec 12, 2013 - Masonic Activities    No Comments

Freemasons Doors Are Open and They Want You!

UniversityLodgesBallJasmine Dotiwala posted on Huffington Post UK about Freemasonry:

Alongside the conspiracies that the original moon landing was fake, the USA government orchestrated 9/11, and the idea that the C.I.A invented and planted the deadly AIDS virus to wipe out homosexuals and African Americans, is the age-old favourite – that secret societies rule the world.

I’ve been listening to scare stories about the Freemasons for over two decades in the music industry, and have had a vague interest and intrigue about the group.
Coincidently this past the month, the Freemasons put on a Ball, a white tie charity ball that revived a 150-year-old masonic social tradition. I was invited to both the ball and their building at Great Queen Street in Covent Garden.

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