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Freemasons celebrate 175 years in New Glasgow

The News is reporting thatĀ Albion Lodge No. 5 will be celebrating 175 years of Freemasonry inĀ Nova Scotia:

For 175 years Freemasonry has flourished in New Glasgow, and in recognition of this long period of history, Albion Lodge No. 5 on the Register of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia will be observing this landmark event with a formal dinner and ceremony on Saturday at SSI.

The Grand Master of Masons in Nova Scotia, MWBro. George A. Grant will be in attendance as well as may other Grand Lodge Officers, Distinguished guests, along with other Brothers of the Masonic Fraternity from Pictou County and beyond. This night will also mark the time of the year when we as Masons recognize the efforts of our Ladies in supporting us in our Masonic Labours. With most marriages it is a team effort, and Freemasonry does take the man out of the house some evenings, so this is our way to say thank you to the women in our lives, that although they may not take the masonic journey with us, their support, encouragement and understanding is appreciated.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.