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Dec 15, 2014 - Masonic Education    No Comments

Addressing Random Statements: The Square and the Compasses


One of my brothers said that the “square” reminds the masons to always treat the people in the square fairly. That popped up the following questions in my mind, if you could please answer:
1) Who are the people in the square?
A_ the holy
B_ the profane
C_ the unholy God believers
D_ the profane and the unholy God believers
E_ all of the above
F_ other (please specify)
2) “Square” means “boundary” to me. So do you have to treat the people of (1) within the boundaries of A_law or B_Morality or C_other (please specify)?
Also, could you please explain if I am right to think the “compass” means to direct the FORCE of people to the RIGHT direction? If so, could you please explain the FORCE as well? Read more »